COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

Cedar Creek Veterinary Clinic COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

We should conduct all services by “curbside” medicine to the fullest extent possible, such as:

  1. If an appointment is scheduled, the person speaking with the client on the phone will ask them to stay in their car with their pet and phone the clinic when they arrive. The tech/assistant will then take a history over the phone, including asking the question if the pet has been exposed to COVID-19.
  2. After all pertinent information is taken per phone, the tech/assistant will ask the client to set the carrier outside on the ground a few feet away from their vehicle. If it is a dog on a leash, we will use our own slip lead, place it on the dog, and bring it into the clinic. All this is to be done while keeping 6 feet away from any people in the car. If the dog is aggressive and cannot be handled by any of our staff, we will not be able to bring the dog into the clinic.
  3. After the animal is in the clinic with the client waiting in their vehicle, the Dr. will go over the history with the tech/assistant, then examine the pet. After the examination is completed, the Dr. will call the client from inside the clinic and go over any exam findings, recommended diagnostics, or treatments. At that time they should discuss costs of said diagnostics, treatments, etc.
  4. After the above is performed, if necessary the Dr. will call the client again and discuss any results and further diagnostics or treatments. If a second Dr. phone call is not necessary, the assistant will call the client and go over any medications or treatments. After that, either the tech/assistant who is already speaking to the client will collect payment via phone, or the receptionist will collect payment via phone.
  5. The tech/receptionist will then take the animal outside- if in a carrier they will set it down a few feet from the client’s vehicle and let them put it in the car. If the client is disabled or has any mobility problems, the carrier can be set in the vehicle while maintaining appropriate social distancing. If it is a dog on a leash, they can put it in the car, while maintaining social distancing from the client.

It is important that at all times all staff maintain social distancing from clients, especially when bringing animals to and from the clinic from the parking lot.

It is also important that we maintain social distancing from each other whenever possible.

If there is a telemedicine request and a Dr. is not available to speak with the client immediately, a phone call reminder will be put in either a specific Dr.’s callbacks or in the CS callbacks. It is extremely important that all callback reminders are checked, even the CS calls before leaving the clinic. 

When performing telemedicine with any services, the Dr. can determine if and how to treat the animal without it being examined in person. That may be medications, home treatment advice, or whatever is deemed necessary by the Dr. 

If there are any medications to be picked up after performing telemedicine, a receptionist will call the client, collect payment and instruct the client to stay in their vehicle and call when they arrive in the parking lot. We can then set the medication outside the door of the clinic, on the ground a few feet away from their car, or if the person is disabled or has any difficulty with mobility a staff member can set it in their car, while maintaining appropriate social distancing.

If there are cases that can be handled by telemedicine, we will do so. For instance, if a dog with history of ear infections is having similar clinical signs, we may be able to prescribe appropriate ear medication. Same with itchy skin, etc. This will be up to Dr.’s discretion.

Face masks are required to be worn by all employees as well as anyone else entering the building. If any person does not have their own face mask one will be provided. Employees must wear a face mask when interacting with clients outdoors, while maintaining proper social distancing.

There is a COVID-19 workplace screening sheet printed and posted. By clocking in, it is a confirmation that the daily COVID-19 workplace health screening has been completed before entering the building.

If any employee has any symptoms of COVID-19, they are to notify the worksite supervisor. If a test is possible, it is recommended that the employee stay home until there is a negative result. If a test is not available that employee should stay home, following current COVID-19 quarantine practices.

If any employee tests positive for COVID-19 we will proceed following the current CDC guidelines pertaining to COVID-19 exposure. We will also notify the local public health department and any co-workers, clients, contractors, delivery personnel, etc.

We are regularly disinfecting door knobs, telephones, exam tables, computers, floors and all other surfaces as possible.

Everyone at the clinic also needs to keep pets at a distance when possible. This means we cannot be petting, sitting next to, hugging, or kissing people’s pets when they are inside for medical treatment. This distancing does not apply to animals when they are being examined or restrained for procedures. We all need to wash hands for 20 seconds after handling any animal.

All staff must continue washing hands for at least 20 seconds frequently and after touching animals, equipment, door knobs, telephones, etc.

We must all follow this plan.

The worksite supervisors are Kacie and Nick (or Derek or Wayne if neither Kacie or Nick are in the building).

As things may be changing as we are learning more, there will inevitably be changes made as often as necessary.

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