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Cedar Creek Veterinary Clinic is proud to have the designation as a Cat Friendly Practice by the American Association of Feline Practitioners

This is a special certification that is awarded to clinics who have shown a commitment to the distinct needs of feline patients. By receiving this certificate we have demonstrated that we provide cats with low-stress visits/appointments, while providing them the highest quality of care, and we have demonstrated advanced training that provides an optimum feline care environment. 

Our practice has made the commitment to you and your feline friend by becoming a Cat Friendly Practice and we look forward to helping your cat live a long and healthy life by providing the best quality of care and service. 

Please call to set up an appointment, we will be happy to discuss low-stress ways to get your cat to the clinic, and if you have additional questions regarding your cat, please do not hesitate to let us know. If a particular question cannot be answered, please address it to our feline advocate, Dr. Emily Robinson. 

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