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Boris found us! He came to us as a stray at the beginning of November 2015 and we were all instantly in L.O.V.E. There was something about him that told us he was our next clinic cat. His favorite pastimes are lying in sun beams, helping us with patient care, lying around and making sure everyone performs their work duties, eating, and playing with anything he finds on the floor. He is such a lazy and laid back cat - he is a perfect fit for our clinic!


Dusty is Cedar Creek Veterinary Clinic’s official avian mascot. He is an African Grey born in 1991 and has lived at the clinic since 1997. Dusty’s responsibilities at the clinic include being an avian blood donor when needed, traveling to local schools to teach children about birds and veterinary medicine, and being a source of entertainment for the doctors, staff, and clients that hear him. Dusty’s verbose expressions can be heard throughout the clinic. His vocabulary includes several phrases, his favorites being “Dusty bird” and “Hey buddy”. He has also mastered numerous dog, cat, and bird noises as well as certain whistles. Dusty, however, is very shy around unfamiliar people and will often pretend he cannot talk when people, other than Cedar Creek staff members, look into his cage.


Meeko is Cedar Creek Veterinary Clinic’s official reptilian mascot. He is an African Spur Thighed tortoise. His job description includes clinic lawn maintenance (in the fenced in area) where canine patients are walked in the warmer months and he often greets visitors. In addition, Meeko is always willing to challenge any rabbit patient to an occasional marathon but with his slow speed, we doubt he will be victorious.

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