Ferret Surgeries Performed

Most ferrets come spayed and/or castrated as well as de-scented when purchased. If your ferret happens to be intact (sex organs haven’t been removed), spaying/castrating is highly recommended, unless you plan on breeding your ferret. There are several reasons why we recommend spaying and castrating. Female ferrets will go into heat as days begin to shorten, typically from March to September, and they will remain in heat during that time unless bred, or given hormonal injections. Females may develop an estrogen related anemia due to the elevated levels present during heat cycles, this can lead to death. Male ferrets left intact will develop a more potent musk and may exhibit signs of increased aggression. In the rare occasion that your ferret is not spayed or castrated, Cedar Creek has the capabilities to perform these surgeries.

Our Doctors have the capability to perform a wide variety of surgeries on ferrets. Some of the soft tissue surgeries include mass removals, enucleations, and foreign body removal. Please contact us and consult with our vets for complete information about a surgery that your pet may need.

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