Bird Yearly Wellness Exam

Do birds really need annual exams?

This is one of the MOST asked questions. Clients often say, "But my bird looks healthy". Unfortunately this may seem true, but birds, being wild, non-domesticated prey species, are better at hiding symptoms of disease compared to humans or dogs and cats. This is why an annual exam including blood testing is so important to picking up problems before they become incurable. Your goal is for Dr. Beasley or Dr. Nolan to say after your bird's yearly exam "Your bird looks great, keep up the good work."

Have your bird examined as soon as possible after purchase. Your bird should have a thorough physical exam and testing. Our avian vets will spend time explaining a proper diet, housing, and behavioral traits to your specific bird species. The first visit will establish a baseline to judge all future medical visits. The tests below may not all be necessary and some may be required depending on the species, age and the judgment of the veterinarian.

Our Avian Wellness Exam is recommended yearly and includes:

  • Complete Physical Examination
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Gram Stain of the throat and vent
  • Fecal test to check for intestinal parasites
  • An accurate weight in grams
  • Any necessary diet changes or modifications
  • Behavior consultation

Our doctors also highly recommend a yearly chemistry profile in addition to the CBC. The chemistry profile is an evaluation of the chemicals produced and eliminated by your pet’s body. These help determine if vital organs are functioning properly.  Please contact us with any questions regarding our avian wellness exam.

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