Adult Ferret Wellness Exam And Vaccines

Cedar Creek Veterinary Clinic recommends annual comprehensive physical examinations on all adult ferrets. This includes weight monitoring, oral exam, ocular exam, ear exam, listening to the heart and lungs with a stethoscope, abdominal palpation, and examination of the skin and fur, looking for any lumps or growths. This is also a good time to administer any vaccinations that are due, refill heartworm prevention, and perform their annual fecal exams to check for intestinal parasites.

Vaccinations are an inexpensive way to protect your pet against costly treatment or premature death. Many ferret diseases can now be prevented through vaccinations. Even if always kept indoors your ferret can be exposed to viruses and bacteria carried in the air, dust, or on clothing. Boosters are then needed to maintain immunity every year.

Rabies is a fatal virus that affects the nervous system. The virus is shed in the saliva and transmitted by the bite of an infected animal. This vaccine is required by Michigan State Law at 12 weeks of age and then must be repeated annually, as this disease can be transmitted to people.

Canine Distemper virus is nearly 100% fatal in the ferret, and must be vaccinated against for their protection.

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