Common Health Problems in Ferrets

Human Influenza: Ferrets are susceptible to several strains of human influenza virus. They develop symptoms similar to those in people. The disease is especially harmful to young or immunosuppressed ferrets. To decrease the chance of transmission, avoid playing with your ferret when you have a cold or are sick with the flu.

Hairball Prevention: The accumulation of hair in the stomach of the ferret is a very common occurrence and may result in an obstruction. It is easy to prevent hairballs with the use of a cat hairball laxative twice weekly. This medication acts as a lubricant to help your ferret pass the hairballs and most ferrets think of it as a treat.

Foreign Body: Never give your ferret rubber or foam toys. Ferrets like to chew and swallow these items, which could result in a gastrointestinal obstruction and death. Safe toys are ping pong balls, golf balls, paper bags, cardboard mailing tubes, and nylon dog bones.

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