Reptile Yearly Wellness Exam

Cedar Creek Vet recommends a yearly health check on reptiles. This includes weight monitoring, oral exam, ocular exam, abdominal palpation, and examination of the body, looking for any lumps or growths. We also recommend a yearly fecal exam for intestinal parasites. Many health problems of reptiles are due to improper husbandry such as inadequate housing, temperatures or diet. Most health problems can be corrected if identified early and proper treatment is instituted.

A new reptile should ALWAYS be quarantined (kept away from your existing reptiles) for at least 1 to 2 months. The purpose of quarantine is to ensure your new pet will not transmit any diseases to your current pets. The animal should be housed in a different enclosure and preferably a different room/area away from your existing reptiles. The quarantine cage should have the necessary husbandry requirements and be easy to clean and disinfect. You should handle the quarantined animal after handling your existing animals or wear gloves when handling the new animal to avoid the spread of disease. The new animal should have a vet visit prior to being introduced to your existing pets. If your new pet has any signs of disease the length of quarantine needs to be extended. It is also important to keep in mind some reptiles prefer to live alone. If more than one animal is housed together it is important to monitor for cage mate aggression such as biting, scratching, and loss of toes or tail tips. Death can also result from housing some animals together.

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